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Sleep Soundly This Summer

Dr. Ludwig Allegra

July 14, 2023

Have you had trouble sleeping this summer season? You’re not alone. Many find that the recent ample hours of daylight here in Kirkland can upset a good night’s rest. While the warm sunshine and extra sunlight may boost the spirit, it does not do much for your sleep. Fortunately, you can trust the sleep experts at Northwest Face & Body to help you get your best sleep all summer long.

It’s Harder to Get a Good Night’s Rest During the Summer

With the sun shining bright, our healthy sleep schedule can fall by the wayside. The two most common culprits for sleepless nights are simply too much sunlight and elevated temperatures. While we are lucky to enjoy long days here in the Pacific Northwest, the added amount of daylight can interrupt our sleep routines. With the sun setting well after 9:00 in the evening and rising again just after 5:00 the next morning, we don’t get enough dark hours to let our bodies rest. At the height of summer here in the Seattle area we get 7 hours and 34 minutes more of daylight than we do during our shortest day in December.Warmer temperatures are also to blame for interrupted sleep. We sleep best when there is a larger difference between the outside climate and our body temperature. Sleep experts like our team of doctors at Northwest Face & Body agree that 68 degrees is the ideal room temperature for optimal sleep. Keeping our bedrooms cool can be hard to achieve during the warmer months.

Common Summertime Sleep Complaints

So, what is this doing to your sleep schedule? Aside from being uncomfortable, you may find that you sleep less overall, wake often throughout the night, or wake up earlier in the morning. Many women and men feel less satisfied and find that they don’t wake up feeling refreshed or well-rested. Others struggle through the next day in a tired and groggy state.

Simple Solutions for Better Sleep

We understand that there is nothing more frustrating than not being able to get a good night’s rest. Our sleep experts offer these tips:

  • Keep the blinds to your bedroom closed or invest in blackout shades: not only does this block out any light, it will also keep your room cooler.
  • Make sure that your sheets are made from a light and breathable fabric. Sheets that are made out of cotton, hemp, or linen are the best choice for summertime sleep. When all else fails and you are still hot and restless, try ditching the comforter altogether, opting instead to sleep with just a sheet. You can also stick your toes out of the covers. Giving your feet some air will allow trapped body heat to be released.
  • If you have the option, sleep downstairs or in your basement. Remember, hot air rises, so the higher the floor, the hotter your room is likely to be.

Of course, there are some troubles that persist year-round and have nothing to do with the summer season. If you find that you have trouble sleeping, you may have an underlying sleep disorder such as sleep apnea. At Northwest Face & Body, our sleep experts Dr. Allegra and Dr. Ummat can help diagnose whether a sleep condition is to blame.

Sleep Well this Summer with Help from Northwest Face & Body

We love the long days of summer just as much as you but understand that they can exasperate sleeping problems. Let our team of sleep specialists help you get the good night’s sleep that you deserve when you schedule your personal consultation at Northwest Face & Body.


Dr. Ludwig Allegra

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