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What Plastic Surgeries Hurt The Most?

Dr. Ludwig Allegra

July 14, 2023

What Plastic Surgeries Hurt The Most?

Among a patient’s most pertinent concerns when it comes to undergoing plastic surgery is the pain involved. This is often what keeps patients from seeking surgery in the first place. Thankfully, most plastic surgeries are performed under general anesthesia, which means that you will be completely asleep and feel no pain. Even those performed under local anesthesia come with little pain during the procedure. After the procedure, pain can occur during the healing process. While post-operative pain medications are prescribed, patients may still experience some pain and discomfort. What plastic surgeries hurt the most? And, how can you manage the pain?

Mommy Makeover

A mommy makeover is a procedure that combines multiple procedures into one, usually a breast and abdomen surgery at minimum. Therefore, due to having multiple operational areas, a mommy makeover can involve a more painful than average recovery. With that said, most patients manage their pain well with prescribed medications, ultrasound massages, and other methods recommended by Dr. Allegra.

Tummy Tuck

Abdominal surgeries, including elective or cosmetic ones, are often considered some of the most painful and risky. A tummy tuck is not an exception. When compared to other surgeries such as breast augmentation or rhinoplasty, the recovery is longer and more painful. Still, most patients do not rate their pain above a six or seven and it is often managed well.

Brazilian Butt Lift

A Brazilian butt life takes fat from one or multiple areas of the body and transfers it into the buttocks. Since the buttocks are a fairly sensitive area, this can make the procedure slightly more painful during recovery. Also, many patients find recovery frustrating since they cannot sit or lay directly on their buttocks for several weeks.

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Dr. Ludwig Allegra

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