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3 Ways to Cheat the Aging Process

Dr. Ludwig Allegra

July 14, 2023

The aging process takes its toll on some people sooner than others, and telltale signs include sagging cheeks, loose skin, and wrinkles. If you are starting to feel self-conscious about your appearance, don’t overlook the option of non-surgical cosmetic treatments that can freshen up your look. Injectables, skin tightening treatments, and laser therapies can be very effective for masking the signs of aging. Some can smooth out the skin, plump up hollowed areas, and lift or tighten the skin to restore those youthful contours.Recently, GQ magazine published an article, How to Cheat Age in the Age of Bro-Tox, that outlines ways for men to essentially “cheat” the aging process—or in other words, dramatically slow it or turn it around. They spoke of treatments like Botox (or “Bro-Tox”) and CoolSculpting that could help maintain youthful results without having to undergo surgery. What the article showed us is that in today’s society, people (even men) are more comfortable with the decision to receive cosmetic help to refine their look and maintain an appearance they are happy with throughout life.Here are just three ways you can cheat the aging process with Northwest Face:

#1: Botox to Lose the Frown Lines

Frown lines and deeper lines across the forehead are some of the telltale signs of aging, but they can be erased with a quick Botox treatment. Botox continues to be one of the world’s most popular cosmetic procedures, and—as GQ pointed out—the number of men seeking Botox has even increased by 310 percent since 2000. We can administer Botox in several areas around the forehead and eyes to relax the muscles that are causing lines and wrinkles. Most patients see results within two weeks of treatment and results can last up to three to four months. We can schedule touch-up treatments at any time to achieve your ideal look.

#2: Venus Freeze to Tighten the Skin

GQ’s article really focused on non-surgical procedures that can provide similar results to traditional surgery. Venus Freeze is one of those treatments, and it is here in Kirkland. If you are bothered by loose skin and want to maintain more youthful contours, a series of Venus Freeze treatments may be right for you. Venus Freeze combines radio frequency and magnetic pulse energy into a single technology to treat the deepest layer of your skin. The treatment can target fat cells and increase collagen production so that the skin appears tighter and more resilient.

#3: FX Laser Resurfacing to Smooth Away Wrinkles

Josh Dean, the article’s writer, underwent a laser treatment, saying: “two days later, I have noticeably better skin, with a more even skin tone.” Fractional laser resurfacing is a revolutionary skin rejuvenation treatment that can be very effective for smoothing out fine lines, wrinkles, and superficial scars. It can also help to improve the skin tone and tighten loose skin. The Active FX laser stimulates healthy skin cell and collagen production so you will continue seeing results for months after treatment.Learn more about some of the most effective ways to cheat the aging process by scheduling your consultation at Northwest Face & Body today!


Dr. Ludwig Allegra

Dr. Ludwig Allegra has provided Bellevue, Kirkland, and the surrounding areas with premier plastic surgery procedures for over two decades.