Do Breast Implants Cost More By Size?

Dr. Ludwig Allegra
Dr. Ludwig Allegra
March 8, 2023
Do Breast Implants Cost More By Size? | Northwest Face & Body

Do Breast Implants Cost More By Size?

The cost of breast implants comes with many variables such as the type of implant, the plastic surgeon you choose, and even the geographic location of where you get surgery. However, a factor that logically seems like it would factor in, carries less importance when it comes to the cost of breast implants than many may believe. Along these lines a frequently asked question in breast augmentation consults is, “Do breast implants cost more by size?” Let’s explore this question and what goes into configuring the price of breast implants.

At Northwest Face & Body, the size of a breast implant does not factor into the cost. The main determiners of cost are the type of implant: saline, silicone, or gummy bear. Occasionally, the type of breast augmentation surgery or technique may also impact pricing. For example, a breast revision where one set of implants is removed and new ones placed will cost more than a first time breast augmentation.

Even though this is the rule at our office, it is fairly standard across the country to charge based on the type of implant and specifics of surgery rather than the size of the breast implant. Though, every plastic surgery office has its own metrics for determining the cost of breast augmentation. In most places in the US though, the size of breast implant is not a major factor into the cost of the overall surgery.

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Dr. Ludwig Allegra
Dr. Ludwig Allegra
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