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What Not To Do Before Breast Surgery?

Dr. Ludwig Allegra

October 17, 2023
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For breast augmentation patients, many questions arise during the process. Many women want to know how to prepare and what to avoid before breast surgery. The cosmetic surgeon and Northwest Face & Body will give every patient a list of pre-operative instructions during a consultation, but here are some things to avoid before breast implant surgery.

Tobacco Use

Smoking or tobacco use of any kind can interfere with the healing process. It can interfere with the healing process of the incision site and create pronounced scars. Patients must quit smoking at least four to six weeks before and after the surgery.

Avoid Working For A Week 

Breast implant patients should plan for the downtime that comes with the surgery. Patients should plan to rest and not work for at least a week following the procedure. This will allow them to heal quickly and efficiently.

Anti-Inflammatory Medication And Alcohol 

Patients should avoid drinking and anti-inflammatory medication, such as aspirin, at least two weeks before the procedure. Anti-inflammatory medication and alcohol can thin the blood and increase the chances of bleeding during the surgery.

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Dr. Ludwig Allegra

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