Do Cheek Fillers Make Your Face Look Thinner?

Dr. Ludwig Allegra
Dr. Ludwig Allegra
March 8, 2023
Do Cheek Fillers Make Your Face Look Thinner? | Northwest Face & Body

Do Cheek Fillers Make Your Face Look Thinner?

Facial proportions contribute heavily to how others and ourselves perceive us. It can also indicate age and make a person look more aged than they truly are. The cheeks and the prominence of the cheekbones is one of the dominant factors under today’s standards. A thin, defined face is considered attractive. So, do cheek fillers make your face look thinner?

Cheek fillers are an extremely versatile procedure that can make the face look thinner or fuller depending on the patient and injection technique. For example, in a younger patient who wants more prominent cheekbones, it may make the face look thinner. However, if a patient carries more fat on the face, even if they do not have prominent cheekbones, filler would likely not provide a thinner appearance. Buccal fat removal may be a better option. 

For patients who have lost volume in the cheeks due to aging, cheek fillers can restore this volume to treat a gaunt look. However, it also sculpts and contours the face to prevent an overly full look. With most cheek filler injections, your master injector will focus in the upper cheek along the bone, as filling in the lower cheeks does not adequately contour the face.

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Dr. Ludwig Allegra
Dr. Ludwig Allegra
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