Does Fat Transfer Work In The Face?

Does Fat Transfer Work In The Face?
Alisan Keesee
November 21, 2022
Does Fat Transfer Work In The Face? | Northwest Face & Body

Does Fat Transfer Work In The Face?

Fat transfer procedures are becoming more and more popular as an alternative for both surgical procedures such as breast implants and non-surgical procedures such as lip filler. Thus, as fat transfer gains more interest, patients are beginning to ask about the efficacy of the procedure in various places. For example, let’s look at one question, “Does fat transfer work in the face?”

Fat transfer to the face is an effective and viable procedure for adding volume to the face and addressing fat loss that occurs due to aging. Fat is frequently transferred into the cheeks, temples, and lips. And, like with other fat transfer procedures, not all of the fat will take, but a majority of the fat in the face is expected to survive, usually somewhere between 60% to 80%. 

Fat transfer to the face is also a fairly non-invasive procedure and can be performed under local anesthesia for many patients. The most common donor areas include the abdomen, thighs, waist, and even under the chin. 

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