Will A Chemical Peel Remove Facial Hair?

Dr. Ludwig Allegra
Dr. Ludwig Allegra
March 8, 2023
Will A Chemical Peel Remove Facial Hair? | Northwest Face & Body

Will A Chemical Peel Remove Facial Hair?

Chemical peels are medical grade resurfacing treatments applied to the skin. As part of the treatment, the peels often remove impurities, dead skin, and some deeper peels remove the outer layers of skin. Considering other treatments like dermaplaning remove dead skin along with unwanted facial hair, patients sometimes ask, “Will a chemical peel remove facial hair?”

The short answer is that yes, chemical peels can remove peach fuzz. Though it is not the main function of the procedure, these small hairs may come off with the upper layers of skin. Long facial hairs may not come off with a chemical peel. Ultimately, master estheticians will work around any facial hair you want to keep.

When treating a patient with facial hair, your master esthetician will avoid areas covered in facial hair. Not only because chemical peels cannot effectively treat the skin under facial hair, but because it does risk the temporary removal of this facial hair. It is important to note that chemical peels are not likely to permanently remove hair.

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Dr. Ludwig Allegra
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