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What Can a Brow Lift At Northwest Face & Body Do for You?

Dr. Ludwig Allegra

July 14, 2023

Have you noticed that your eyebrows have changed shape? You are not alone. As we age, our once nicely arched brows slowly descend downwards, eventually appearing flat or even droopy. For the right candidate, a brow lift at Northwest Face & Body can greatly help! Our team of cosmetic surgeons have performed countless brow lifts and our patients are often pleased with the youthful results.Read on to find out if a brow lift is for you.

You Want Improvement Around Your Forehead, Brow Line, or Upper Eyelids

A brow lift, also known as a forehead lift, tightens and restores your brow line to an elevated, more youthful position. Through a brow lift, we are also able improve the appearance of the lower forehead as well as the upper eyelids. Signs that you may benefit from a brow lift include:

  • Flat, sagging, or lowered eyebrow position
  • Fine lines, wrinkles, or creases across the forehead
  • Furrowing in between the eyebrows (known as frown lines)

You Have Noticed Changes Primarily Around Your Upper Face

Brow lifts are most effective for men and women experiencing changes primarily to their upper face. The best candidates for a brow lift have moderate to advanced signs of aging concentrated to the upper one-third of their faces. If your lower face is also a concern, you may benefit from a facelift or neck lift—both of which can be performed in conjunction with your brow lift.

You Want to Look Happier

Many of our patients tell us one of the biggest downsides of their drooping brow is that they believe they look and come across as sleepy, angry, or upset despite how they actually feel. This is a valid concern as many of our emotions are expressed by our upper facial features. By lifting the brow line and smoothing out wrinkles, a brow lift raises the brows to a more alert position—which may help you appear happier, friendlier, and even more approachable.

Your Brow Lift at Northwest Face & Body

Brow lifts have helped many of our patients look and feel younger, vibrant, and happier. Find out what a brow lift can do for you when you schedule your consultation at Northwest Face & Body.


Dr. Ludwig Allegra

Dr. Ludwig Allegra has provided Bellevue, Kirkland, and the surrounding areas with premier plastic surgery procedures for over two decades.