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An Answer for Your Aging Hands

Dr. Ludwig Allegra

July 14, 2023

It’s no surprise that our faces receive the most attention when it comes to aging, and for that reason, it is also one of the first areas that many people treat when lines and wrinkles begin to show themselves. With injections of Botox and Radiesse, or more invasive procedures like a facelift, people put a lot of focus on keeping their faces looking young and vibrant throughout their lives. However, there comes a point when a disheartening chill descends your spine as you reach out to shake someone’s hand or to grab your coffee from the counter at Starbucks and realize … you’ve forgotten about your hands.

Restoring the Appearance of Your Hands

As we use our hands, we often do not give them as much attention when it comes to maintaining their youthful appearance as we do other parts of the body. But when you really think about it, our hands take the biggest beating. This is exactly why hand treatments in Seattle are so important. Your hands are used to cook, to clean, to type and text, to drive, and they are often left wide open to the effects of both cold and hot weather. So really, the hands are put through more than their share of damage, but are often left to age on their own until we suddenly notice the changes.A large part of hands going untreated is that many people are simply unaware of what they can do to restore a youthful appearance to their hands. Sure, there are obvious ways, like using moisturizers and hand creams, and washing to rid them of germs, but what can you do when they become discolored or bony looking? We’ve got the answers.

Treating Hands that Have Become Spotted or Discolored

As your body ages, your skin can develop brown liver spots and your skin tone and pigmentation loses their youthful radiance.· Spotting can be improved with the daily application of special topical hydroquinone creams.

  • A chemical peel, though usually associated with facial treatments, can be used to improve your skin’s pigmentation and even out skin tone for your hands as well.
  • The Fotofacial is one of the best ways for getting rid of liver spots on your hands. Patients often experience better results with a Fotofacial for their hands than they do using hydroquinone.

Adding Volume To Bony, Frail Hands

Years of use, aging and sun damage can cause your hands to lose volume and appear bony. As collagen breaks down over time, it can leave the veins and tendons in your hands showing clearly from beneath your skin as a series of ridges and bumps.Dermal fillers and volumizers like Radiesse and Restylane have gained extreme popularity as a means to restore facial volume and to treat fine lines and wrinkles. But did you know that they can also be used to restore volume to your hands? By injecting a dermal filler into areas on the back of your hands, we can add volume to smooth your skin’s surface and improve the appearance of prominent veins and tendons.

Other Skin Conditions of the Hands

For other, maybe non-age-related issues with your hands, there is likely a dermatological answer.Dermatitis | Eczema: Eczema is a common skin condition that can be provoked by an allergic reaction or various other causes. It may appear on your hands as red, itchy patches of skin that may lead to blistering or flaking.Warts: Warts often appear on the hands and can spread easily. They are especially common with people who pick out or bite at their fingernails. A wart can be treated a variety of different ways, depending on the severity.

A Solution Near You

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