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Growing older means your body is going to go through a number of different changes. Your metabolism begins to slow, making it a lot more difficult to eliminate excess fat from your body. These flabs and bulges make a number of people want to avoid things like going to the beach and showing off their body. If you are one of those individuals who is hesitant about heading to Alki in a bikini because of excess fat, you aren’t alone.

Many people just like you struggle with what they can do to transform their bodies into something more appealing to both themselves and those around them. Instead of being ashamed of your appearance, you should be able to show it off for everyone to see.

To help treat your unwanted fat and shape your body into the vision you have always dreamed of, check out liposuction with our team at Northwest Face & Body. This is one of the most effective means of removing fat from your body. Getting rid of these excess fat layers that have continued to build up and make it almost impossible for you to overcome them on your own is easy with liposuction. When diet and exercise isn’t enough to get you the body of your dreams, let body contouring do it for you.


Even though liposuction might not be for everyone, it can help a number of individuals reshape their bodies and restore their self-confidence. Liposuction is designed for those who are already doing what they can to live a healthy lifestyle. If you are someone who isn’t eating right and exercising on a regular basis, this probably isn’t the best option for you right off the bat.

Liposuction is designed to eliminate any unwanted fat pockets from your body to provide you with a more balanced shape. If you are looking to eliminate fat in the following areas, liposuction might be just what you need.

  • Thighs
  • Abdomen
  • Arms
  • Neck, Jawline or Face
  • Back
  • Legs
  • Chest

Liposuction is not an answer to obesity. Body contouring surgery is not a way to avoid changing the way you eat and participating in a regular exercise program. It takes time, hard work and dedication to attain the body you desire. Don’t expect anything to happen overnight. However, taking the time to exercise and eat right will help start you on the path to success.

For those who are healthy but struggle with specific pockets of fat that don’t seem to be responding to exercise and diet, liposuction in the Kirkland-Seattle area might be an effective solution for your needs. Individuals who are looking to tackle a few areas of fat will benefit from having liposuction done.


During the liposuction procedure, you are put under a general anesthetic. Our Kirkland team of board certified physicians will begin your liposuction by making a small incision near the areas discussed during your initial consultation. A numbing agent is inserted to help minimize any discomfort and make the fat removal process run smoothly.

A small tube known as a cannula is inserted into the layer of fat that lies beneath the skin. Thanks to the cannula, all of the fat pockets are broken down and suctioned from your body.


After the procedure, you are given the necessary compression garments to wear on the areas that were just treated to help minimize potential swelling. At your incision sites, a temporary drain is put into place to prevent any fluids from pooling under your skin. Take a few days to rest following the procedure. For some individuals, it can take a few weeks for your body to fully recover.

Once your body has had the chance to recover, you will be left with a slimmer, more contoured body that is going to last for quite some time, provided you continue your healthy lifestyle. If you are tired of feeling uncomfortable in your clothes because of stubborn fat pockets, schedule your consultation today with Northwest Face & Body in Kirkland.


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