This is an extremely safe and effective way to reshape many areas of the body.  Dr. Voss has 21 years and over 6,000 cases of experience.  Fat pads are genetically and hormonally determined, so are difficult or impossible to change with diet and exercise alone.  When the fat pads are artistically sculpted the more pleasing silhouette can be long term, if weight is maintained.*  If you have tried diet and exercise and you deserve a better shape, consider liposuction.  Feeling comfortable in your own body is important.


What is it like?

It’s a lot easier than you think.  In a morning under local anesthetic you can have this artistic change happen to you.  You may eat breakfast, have your coffee, and then head in.  At the clinic you are given a sedative after a physical exam.  NorthWest Face & Body has top notch surgical facilities and experienced professional staff to take care of you.  The local anesthesia is infiltrated into the fat pad though small holes (half the size of a pencil eraser -too small to sew up- so no stitches!) once you are numb the suction is done with very fine cannula (straws) through the same holes.  Dr. Voss is thorough and detail oriented when she sculpts.  She concentrates on getting the area as thin, smooth, and symmetrical as possible. Once she is finished you are dressed in padding and a compression suit (this is to squeeze out the anesthetic though the small entry holes and to decrease bruising (and therefore pain).  You dress yourself and walk out to your waiting driver.  Acetaminophen (Tylenol) is all 98% of people need for pain.*  About half of the patients forget to take the Tylenol after day 4.


You are able to drive and shower the next day and most will resume work and exercise in 3 days.  The areas are tender to touch and it is described as a muscle ache (akin to doing too many sit-ups).  Walking usually feels good but actions that cause any jolting are uncomfortable (jogging, horseback riding, and jumping for example).  The padding and compression garment are worn for an average of 5 days after which switching to a Spanx type shapewear is more comfortable.

By two weeks your bruising has mostly resolved, the overall shape is improved and clothing often fits better, even though you have some swelling.  The swelling is unique to liposuction, called induration.  This is when the swelling is rich with immune cells that are cleaning and repairing the area.  Instead of feeling soft and swollen, this inflammatory phase feels firm and lumpy.  The lumpiness moves around the area getting less each week.  It is about 75%  gone after 6 weeks and mostly dissipated 4 months.*


Many people just like you struggle with what they can do to transform their bodies into something more appealing to both themselves and those around them. Take steps to take care of a negative self-image.  Instead of being ashamed of your appearance, you should empower yourself and do what you need to do to make you feel best about your body. Liposuction is designed to eliminate any unwanted fat pockets from your body to provide you with a more balanced shape.

To help treat your unwanted fat and shape your body into the vision you have always dreamed of, check out liposuction with Dr. Julie Voss at Northwest Face & Body.* This is one of the most effective means of removing fat from the following areas:

  • Thighs (both inner and outer thighs)

  • Abdomen

  • Waistline

  • Hips (love handles or muffin top)

  • Arms

  • Neck and Jaw line

  • Back (above and below the bra)

  • Asymmetrical breasts and breast tissue by the armpits

If you are tired of feeling uncomfortable in your clothes because of stubborn fat pockets, schedule your consultation today with Dr. Julie Voss at  Northwest Face & Body in Kirkland.

*Individual results may vary