Will A Chin Implant Affect My Lips?

Will A Chin Implant Affect My Lips?
NWF Team
November 28, 2022
Will A Chin Implant Affect My Lips? | Northwest Face & Body

Will A Chin Implant Affect My Lips?

Chin augmentation via a chin implant is a surgery growing in popularity among both men and women. A strong and well shaped chin can help contour the jawline and create the desired side profile. However, while it comes with aesthetic benefits, many patients understandably worry that it will affect other features. Let’s look at one frequently asked question, “Will a chin implant affect my lips?”

In the majority of circumstances, the placement of a chin implant will have no major impact on the lips. While you may see some swelling immediately after surgery, this is normal and does not mean the lips were touched or damaged during surgery. It is simply how swelling forms and settles.

In rare cases, an incorrectly placed or ill-sized chin implant could distort the smile. This is exceptionally rare though, especially when seeing a qualified plastic surgeon such as Dr. Ludwig Allegra. If you have concerns about chin implant surgery, Dr. Allegra can discuss all of your options with you. 

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