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Breast Augmentation Bellevue & Kirkland

Breast augmentation Bellevue is a surgical procedure to help enhance breast size and appearance. Many changes will occur to the breasts due to the effects of time, pregnancy, and genetic factors. Surgery can correct and improve many of these factors. The breast augmentation procedure focuses on restoring or adding volume to the breast tissue. An ideal individual has good support and basic positioning of breast tissue but desires more volume. This patient will likely experience highly desirable results from breast augmentation. Dr. Ludwig Allegra at Northwest Face & Body performs the best breast augmentation Bellevue provides.

Breast augmentation surgery alone will not fundamentally change basic defects, major asymmetry, or droopiness. Other procedures may address these concerns. If there is more than mild or modest droopiness of the tissue (ptosis), then Dr. Allegra will likely recommend a breast lift for the best results, potentially along with breast implants Bellevue.

Breast augmentation Bellevue is a safe procedure that generally produces pleasing and satisfying results. Refinements in technique and implant technology have minimized most of the older problems and concerns. Patients who will benefit the most will be those who have realistic expectations and are psychologically stable. Overall, Bellevue breast augmentation mammoplasty is a safe and effective cosmetic enhancement option with a highly satisfactory outcome.

Free Pre-Surgery

3d Simulation

At a Bellevue breast augmentation consultation, Dr. Allegra meets with patients to determine if they are a good candidate for breast augmentation.This will include asking the patient about their goals for the procedure, medical history, and providing information on the benefits and risks. Dr. Allegra uses Vectra 3D imaging which scans the patients body in seconds and allows them to “try on” breast implants virtually to see the final results on screen.

Vectra 3D imaging allows patients to cycle through different implant types, shapes, sizes, projections, and more. This state-of-the-art technology gives patients the opportunity to enjoy a consultation personalized specifically to their body and preferences.

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Selecting the Perfect Implant for Your Body

Modern breast implants in Bellevue are of dramatically better quality and stability than in the past. We predominantly utilize silicone gel implants as these result in the most natural outcomes with a very normal “feel” to the breast tissue. It is typical to not be able to feel an implant at all—just normal breast tissue.

In general, there are three primary types of breast implants: saline breast implants, silicone breast implants, and gummy bear breast implants. All have their advantages and ideal candidates. At Northwest Face & Body, we primarily use silicone gel implants (which also encompasses gummy bear implants) because they are often said to provide the most natural look and feel.

The saline implant has a long track record of overall safety and offers some advantages in incision size considerations. The implant is inflated once positioned during breast augmentation surgery, this means that Dr. Allegra can use a smaller incision. Additional advantages include the complete absence of any risk from leakage as deflation poses no risk to the body.

Saline implants are best suited for those who have more breast tissue before their Bellevue breast augmentation because this helps reduce the tendency to see rippling of the implant. In most cases, a saline implant may not have as “natural” a feel or appearance as compared to silicone gel; this would be particularly true for someone who has relatively small amounts of natural tissue. Therefore, for petite patients or those with little breast tissue, saline implants are not usually recommended.

Silicone implants have undergone immense study and review prior to their return to the market. They now represent a safe and desirable option for breast augmentation Bellevue. Silicone gel is ideal in terms of feel, softness, and reduced rippling tendency. It represents an ideal choice for a thin individual with little natural tissue seeking breast enlargement. The risk of leakage has been dramatically reduced and the silicone is a very thick gel rather than the more liquid prior implants which limits the problems even in the unlikely case of a rupture. Modern silicone gel breast implants Bellevue are the gold standard in terms of achieving reliable, natural, and great outcomes.

We offer three types of silicone implants that differ in the “cohesiveness” of the gel. These are the standard gel, the “XTRA” gel, and the cohesive gel (AKA “gummy bear”). A good analogy is to consider these similar to soft (standard), medium (XTRA), or firm (gummy bear) jello.

Gummy bear breast implants are a newer form of silicone breast implants. Teardrop-shaped to represent the shape of the natural breast and provide more projection, the biggest difference is in the composition. While gummy bear implants do contain a silicone gel, it is much firmer and more cohesive than traditional silicone implants. This does create a firmer feel, but in many this can present a natural and beautiful result. Due to their increased cohesiveness, gummy bear breast implants are considered safer and less likely to leak in the rare event of a rupture.

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Implant Manufacturers

In the United States, there are four manufacturers authorized to provide FDA-approved breast implants.

  • Allergan Natrelle®: Manufactured by Allergan, Natrelle® implants featured both traditional and gummy bear breast implants. They offer three different types of gummy bear implant for patients to choose from and which all offer a slightly different firmness and shape.
  • Mentor®: The only breast implants manufactured in the United States, Mentor® offers saline, silicone, and gummy bear breast implants. They are among one of the most popular breast implant brands in the US.
  • Sientra®: Sientra® makes silicone and gummy bear breast implants that are highly rated among patients.
  • Ideal Implant®: The Ideal implant manufactured by the company of the same name is a unique structured saline implant designed to look and feel more like a silicone implant.

At Northwest Face & Body, we exclusively offer Mentor® breast implants which gives patients a large variety or implants to choose from and which remain one of the favorite implants among patients and surgeons.

Breast Augmentation Bellevue Cost, Recovery, & Techniques

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Personalized Consultations

At a Bellevue breast augmentation consultation, Dr. Allegra meets with patients to determine if they are a good candidate for breast augmentation.This will include asking the patient about their goals for the procedure, medical history, and providing information on the benefits and risks. Dr. Allegra uses Vectra 3D imaging which scans the patients body in seconds and allows them to “try on” breast implants virtually to see the final results on screen.

Vectra 3D imaging allows patients to cycle through different implant types, shapes, sizes, projections, and more. This state-of-the-art technology gives patients the opportunity to enjoy a consultation personalized specifically to their body and preferences.

Breast Augmentation Recovery and Care

Most breast augmentation patients have a fairly tolerable and predictable recovery. The chest can feel tight for a week or two, but major bruising and swelling should subside in around a week. Residual swelling, redness, numbness, and increase sensitivity can continue for several weeks. Patients generally do not find these symptoms too bothersome.

Most can return to work in one to two weeks depending on the physicality required for their job. Light exercise can begin at around two weeks. Weight lifting or intense cardio will need to wait at least six to eight weeks. Patients should continue to refrain lifting their arms over their heads as well.

Other facets of Bellevue breast augmentation care a patient may experience:

  • Wearing a surgical bra
  • Sleeping slightly propped up until major swelling goes down
  • Sleeping on their back and taking measure to prevent turning in the night
  • Massaging based on Dr. Allegra’s instructions
  • Undergoing ultrasound lymphatic massages
  • Begin scar care as soon as it is approved by Dr. Allegra
  • Rest and do not return to activities prematurely
  • Taking the time to allow your body to fully heal before judging your results (usually between nine and twelve months)

Patient Testimonials

“Dr. Allegra did my breast augmentation a year ago and I could not be happier.” – ER

“I chose Dr Allegra in Northwest face and body because of their great reviews and I am so glad that I did! I got a breast augmentation and I could not be happier with my results! The staff made every one of my visits enjoyable, they are all so kind. I highly recommend Dr Allegra!!!”


“From my consultation to my Breast augmentation, Dr.Allegra and the staff at NW Face and Body have been nothing but kind, courteous, and friendly. The office staff was always friends, as were the nurses I met, and the anesthesiologist. I would highly recommend their office!”

– AL

“Dr. Allegra performed my breast augmentation exactly a month from today. He was very professional and informative on what I should expect. I was very nervous going into surgery, my recovery was very easy going and I am in love with my results. All of th staff here at Northwest Face and Body are very friendly as well. I highly recommend Dr. Allegra to anyone looking to get a breast augmentation.”

– MJ

Financing Your Breast Augmentation Journey

Patients can finance breast augmentation at Northwest Face & Body through three outside financiers: Care Credit, Alphaeon, and United Medical Credit. Additionally, we accept all major credit cards, cash, and certified checks. Northwest Face & Body only works with insurance for gender affirming procedures.

The cost of breast augmentation in Bellevue starts at $4,995 for saline breast implants. The cost may vary based on chosen implant and surgical technique. After a consultation appointment, patients will receive a personalized price quote for their procedures.

What Are The Risks Of Breast Implants?

Breast implant surgery does come with some possible risks. While major complications or issues are rare, it is important for a patient to be fully informed going into surgery about the potential risks, how to identify them, and how to prevent them.

Postoperative Bleeding Resulting In A Hematoma

This is a rare problem and is one of the specific reasons we will plan on seeing you the following day. If there is a hematoma it will likely need draining. Treatment might require implant removal and replacement at that time. If there has been a hematoma there is a somewhat increased risk for capsular contracture in the future. To date, we have not had this occur.


Postoperative infection is very rare but potentially serious. Treatment may involve antibiotic therapy and implant removal. Once resolved the implant can be replaced generally after 3 months. We treat all our patients with antibiotics to help minimize this possibility. To date, we have had no infections.

Nipple Sensation

There is a possibility of a temporary decrease in nipple sensation. This generally improves over a period of several weeks to months. A significant permanent decrease is rare. It is possible to at least temporarily experience an increase in nipple sensation as the nerves wake up and heal during recovery.

Capsular Contracture

There is a normal and necessary capsule that will form around an implant after Bellevue breast augmentation. In some cases, this capsule becomes thickened and contracted in an adverse fashion. The degree of the problem varies considerably. From the minor cases, which may not need treatment to more significant cases that require breast revision. Signs of significant contracture may include firmness, distortion, displacement, traction, and occasionally some pain.

The risk of contracture is approximately 1% per year for several years. Some surgeons have reported higher incidences. Evidence suggests that smooth sound silicone gel implants placed under the muscle may be less prone to contracture. Form stabilized (gummy bear) implants may be associated with a slightly lower capsule rate. Repair of contracture may require release or removal of the capsule and then replacement of the breast implants Bellevue possibly in a different pocket.


Is Breast Augmentation A High Risk Surgery?

No, in general, breast augmentation is not a high risk surgery. Of course, this can vary between patients because—for some patients—any surgical procedure is high risk. However, taking into consideration that a breast augmentation Bellevue does not require long under general anesthesia, is highly customizable, and is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic surgeries in the world. Thus, it is fairly low risk for most people. It is a well-studied and routine procedure.

There are still risks associated with breast augmentation surgery that patients should understand and be aware of. However, compared to other cosmetic surgeries such as a tummy tuck or BBL, breast implant surgery is exceptionally low risk.

Will I Have Cleavage? Can My Breast Be Placed Higher On My Chest?

The degree of cleavage possible is highly individual. It is generally dictated by the basic position of the nipples and natural breast tissue. The chest contour also plays a significant role. A larger implant may allow for more cleavage within limits. If there is a need to correct the nipple position there is also the opportunity to improve cleavage.

Placing the implants higher on the chest can result in an unnatural look that most patients do not like long term. However, a high projection implant can help naturally create the look of cleavage by pushing the breasts outward more. Even with a high profile breast implant, patients should have realistic expectations for their Bellevue breast augmentation, especially concerning cleavage.

When Will I See My Final Results Of Breast Augmentation?

The results of any surgical procedure take months to fully settle into their final form. Residual swelling can last for several weeks. With breast implants, they also have to drop down into the proper position which can take three to six months on average. Therefore, most surgeons prefer to wait at least nine to twelve months to account for all aspects of the individual healing process before evaluating your final result. It can be understandably frustrating to wait, but it is usually worth it once you can enjoy your final result.

What BMI Do You Need For Breast Augmentation In Bellevue?

There is not a BMI requirement for breast augmentation surgery. As a fairly low risk surgery, BMI is only one factor considered. Generally, as long as a patient is otherwise a good candidate, they can likely undergo breast augmentation Bellevue without issue. In rare cases, an extremely low or extremely high BMI may pose significant increased risks.

Who Are The Best Candidates For Breast Augmentation?

Candidates for breast augmentation tend to be in good overall health. They understand the benefits and risks of breast implants and have realistic expectations for their procedure. Breast augmentation patients range in age and assuming a patient is above eighteen and healthy, they are likely a good candidate for breast implants. Occasionally, Dr. Allegra may recommend other procedures alongside a breast augmentation for the best results such as breast lift.

Most health conditions will not disqualify patients from undergoing breast augmentation as long as they are well-managed. However, patients with certain heart conditions or bleeding conditions may not be ideal candidates. Dr. Allegra does his best to find the right procedure for every patient so that they can enjoy the results they want.

Best Breast Augmentation in Bellevue and Kirkland

Northwest Face & Body has served the Bellevue and Kirkland areas since 1983. Providing the gold standard in surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures, our Bellevue and Kirkland plastic surgeons are breast surgery experts. With decades of combined experience and hundreds of surgeries performed every year, we offer the best breast augmentation Bellevue provides.

Dr. Ludwig Allegra is an accomplished plastic surgeon who is a specialist at providing the best breast surgery. He bridges the gap between the technical and the scientific. With a deep understanding of aesthetics and symmetry, Dr. Allegra uses cutting edge technology, experience, and skill to perform the best breast augmentation in Bellevue and Kirkland.

Located conveniently in Kirkland, minutes away from downtown Kirkland and Bellevue, Northwest Face & Body is accessible from both major Eastside cities. To schedule a consultation, call us at (425) 786-1266. You can also contact us online via the contact form or Price Simulator™.